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Increase Your Admissions Chances With The RIGHT Admissions Essay

Don't Underestimate Your Essay's Power

A well-crafted admission essay can make it easier for you to get accepted to your preferred college/university, law school, medical school, graduate program, or MBA program

Your Application Essay Can Mean the Difference Between
Acceptance & Rejection

Your Application Essay Helps You Do The Following:

Connect on a Personal Level

Appear as a REAL PERSON to the Admissioins Committee not just a bunch of numbers like GPA and Test Scores

Communicate Your Future Potential

Spell out and Highlight Your potential for personal achievements and community contributions

Stand out from the Crowd

Focus on your unique perspective and motivations to distinguish yoursel from the rest of the applicant pool

Establish How Your Values Fit

Clearly explain how your personal values and motivations fit the mission and vision of your preferred educational program

Here Comes the

Most Applicants turn in LOUSY or DISAPPOINTING Admissions and Personal Statement Essays because:

Lack of Experience

Writing an admission essay is very different from regular academic writing. You have to write persuasively in a tight concise and compact way much like haiku

Lack of Time

Effective, powerful, high impact admission essays require extensive outlining, biography and application question analysis. You can't cram on it


Face it, you know when your essay is due. No matter how much you plan on writing your essay, you can't seem to get around to it because 'things pop up'

Inadequate Guidance

If you're writing draft after draft and it still seems your essay lacks power and form, it might be due to lack of purpose, system, method, and guidance.

We Can Help You

Our service stands apart because of the following features:

Expert Essay Assistance

We have over 18 years of experience helping students like yourself get into the schools of their choice through high impact admissions essays

Quick & Efficient Writing System

Our questionnaire-driven system makes the often tedious and painful process of figuring out what to put on an essay quicker, easier, and painless

'Order It & Forget it'

Instead of agonizing over when you'll ever find the time to write your application essay, you only need to order from us and we'll deliver on time

Quality is our Northstar

Our high impact highly personalized essay strategy focuses on getting the Admissions Committee to notice what you bring to the table

Past Client Testimonials

This is just a random sampling of what our past clients have to say about our service

I cannot begin to explain my appreciation for this essay! It was nice to see my story told by a different voice. It made me look at my life experiences differently and with integrity and I really thank you for that. I utilized this service because I was stuck and couldn’t articulate my wording enough to create a good essay. I cried when I first read it and was very excited, however, now I am not sure how to use it as a model essay. I need to make it my own, but this essay is perfection. I may end up using your services again, starting over to make it my own.

Again, thank you so much for this service.

Please extend my gratitude to (WRITER), who recently emailed me my model essay. I am very pleased with her approach, and her use of my information to write a very well-organized statement of purpose essay. I am beginning the process of writing my own essay, and with the inspiration and constructive comments that she has provided, I am confident that my final product will provide me with a distinct edge over other applicants.

Thanks again for all your help.

I would like to take the time to say that I appreciate you so much. You have helped me a great deal. I had to many thoughts running around in my head and so many things that I wanted to touch basis with, I had no idea where to begin. This model essay has given me the foundation to gather my thoughts and make it workable. Again, I appreciate it so much. I love the commentary : ) The feed back has been helpful for me. I know Im going to be able to write my personal statement with confidence.

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